We are all born curious. It is curiosity that compels people of all ages to touch, taste, smell, and explore the world. Sometimes we do this out of habit, sometimes out of necessity, but most of the time, out of our instincts.

Lifestyle Federation aims to inspire and encourage the inquiring mind. By incorporating entertainment into the learning process, LF broadens your horizon through Edutainment.

We design, create, and offer a spectrum of lifestyle programmes that adds value to people’s enjoyment. From sipping the world’s rarest champagnes to learning about their heritage; and from appreciating Chinese music to discovering the sound of every instrument, our programmes are sure to delight and develop your personal taste.


Fashion changes, but style endures.

Unleash your true colours and learn to add a personal edge to your daily style.

Gentlemen, get tips on dressing in bespoke suits and exquisite watches, where time becomes a tangible luxury. Ladies, feast your eyes on the world’s most precious diamonds and learn to spot the best quality within a blink. Dip your senses in the most seductive fragrance, and try your hand at creating your personal scent.


For centuries, the Chinese have been considered the dragon of the East. We will take you on a journey into an intriguing past, through time-honored traditions that were passed down from generation to generation. As well as learning about the fascinating art of slicing noodles and making delectable dim sum, you will dabble in deciphering secret writings on precious jade. After an afternoon with us, you may even pick up a few Chinese characters and be able to hum along classic opera scenes.